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Wedding Services

  • Pick and choose just what you need with no pressure to buy more.

  • No hourly limits! We capture your day moment by moment, not hour by hour.


  • It all starts with an affordable, $550 retainer, then $550 on your wedding day and the rest when we deliver!


Proposal Video              $400

Pre-Ceremony          $1,200

Reception          $1,600 

Rehersal Dinner          $550 

Ceremony          $950

Video Booth          $450

Terms and Conditions 

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Additional terms and conditions apply. Our prices are subject to change without notice. To lock in a price for your wedding video and to secure our services for your wedding date, we require a signed contract. We can only honor the price on that signed contract. Additional terms and conditions can be found bellow, in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it possible to videotape everyone at the wedding ceremony & reception?

 A. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to guarantee everyone will be filmed. As a general rule with our videos, we focus on the bride, groom & wedding party. If you want to make sure that a specific family member is filmed, please tell one of us before the wedding. Usually we leave the reception 15 min. after the last formal activity. This is to ensure that we film an open dance floor. If there’s an event that you plan to take place later in the evening, please let us know ahead of time so that we can make arrangements in our schedule.


Q. My photographer has an hourly limit.  Do you?

A. Nope. We realized a long time ago that every wedding varies in style and length. So, we stay for the day. More specifically, we are there to shoot from the beginning of the first moment listed in our contract and stay until the last. However, if you believe all of your wedding day moments will take place during a period of longer than say, 24 hours, you officially love to party in our book. In which case, we’ll need to make special arrangements for overnight work. (After party anyone?)


Q. If on the wedding day we decide we want to add a Videobooth, can you pull that off?


A. Yes! We would make a verbal agreement to come in earlier or stay later. Then, at some point before delivery of the final video, we’ll have to sign an addendum to the original contract and we’ll ask that you pay the difference in cost. Otherwise, only the video agreed to in the original contract will be delivered.


Q. We only agreed to Ceremony coverage, but may realize we want more on the day of the wedding.  Can we add coverage on the day of the wedding?


A. Yes! We would make a verbal agreement to come in earlier or stay later. Then, at some point before delivery of the final video, we’ll have to sign an addendum to the original contract and we’ll ask that you pay the difference in cost. Otherwise, only the video agreed to in the original contract will be delivered.


Q. How do you edit our video?


A. We shoot and edit the video using roving camera & cinematic editing techniques. Long story short, this means your entire day will be condensed into a final video about 10 to 30 minutes long (depending on how much coverage you’ve hired us for). Also, please note that we include only the most important moments from the wedding ceremony. We may not record the service in its entirety.


Q. Can we buy the unedited footage? How long do you keep a master copy of our video?


A. Yes. The fee is $80 for a small hard drive on which to deliver the files. We’ll try to keep a master copy of your edited video on hand for at least a year after your wedding date. However, we can’t guarantee it and make no warranty to that effect. We highly recommend that you purchase some brand of fire resistant “media safe”. This could help you keep a copy of the video safe.


Q. How long does it take to finish our video? Can we make changes to the final video?


A. We spend between 45-80 hours editing over a period of 10-12 weeks to finish your video. They’re highly edited. We’ll keep you posted on the progress by email. We allow free changes to the final video only if mistakes were made on our part. Such mistakes may include misspellings & edits which were discussed with us ahead of the wedding day. Other changes to the final video can be made for free with a limit of 4 editing labor-hours. After that, editing labor hours will be billed at a rate of $75.00 per hour. This charge isn’t meant to be a deterrent, but changes to the final video take a lot more editing time.


Q. How much is your retainer?  When do I pay you the remaining balance?


A. The “retainer” is a non-refundable $450 and is due upon signing this contract. An additional $450.00 is due the day of the wedding and the remaining balance must be paid upon delivery of the video or within a week after.

Q. Which forms of payment do you accept?


A. We accept cash, checks written payable to "Production Studio of Colorado LLC", Electronic Check (ACH), and almost any credit or debit card with the VISA, Mastercard, American Express or Discover logo on it.

Q. Can we choose the music used in the edit?


A. Sort of. The wedding video industry is still trying to define the scope to which we can use copyrighted music. We purchase use rights to music for each wedding video from small, affordable, independent musicians. So far, we don’t have a way of obtaining usage rights for songs created by artists signed to a record label. However, when first dance music is concerned, we maintain the integrity of that moment for you by using the audio straight off the camera’s microphones. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time as the legal landscape changes. 

Q. How do we get our wedding videos when you are finished?


A. We'll call or e-mail you to inform you that your video is finished.  We’ll ship the product using Fed-Ex, UPS or USPS to your after-the-wedding address, or we can make arrangements to meet in person. 

Q. Are the DVDs and BluRays compatible with every player?


A. The discs we create for you are highly compatible with the huge variety of players on the market.  However, rarely some players won’t play the discs.  If that happens, just contact us for a copy of the video files on memory stick.  

Q. Do you charge travel fees? 


A. Great question! If your wedding is around an hour drive or less from Denver (like: Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Georgetown, Byers) we won't ask for any additional compensation. If your wedding takes us past the Eisenhower Tunnel on I-70 from Denver, we'll kindly ask for $170 additional. If your wedding takes us past the Vail Pass, I'll kindly ask for an additional $270 additional.  We've travelled a lot in the United States and are totally willing to travel anywhere in the USA, its outlying islands, territories, and  commonwealths. We ask for reasonable travel fees, like airline tickets with a couple checked bags and a hotel room, when leaving the state. 

Frequently Asked Quesions
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